Ride the Wilderness

Mountain Bike Ride

Ross to Greymouth

The Ride: In Brief

  • Saturday 18th November
  • Ross to Greymouth
  • 131km 

Experience the West Coast Wilderness Trail at an exhilarating pace. Racing through Hokitika, Cowboy Paradise, Kumara and finishing at Greymouth. An exciting 131km ride which should be on every Mountain Biker's Bucket List. 

The Start

Ross, Bank of New South Wales (i-Site). 

The Finish


Cut off finish time is 4pm

Race Packs

Your Race Pack will contain your Race Number, Race Information and Sponsors Product.

  • Your Race Number must be secured to the front of your handle bars

Note: Every entrant has a Race Pack and NEEDS to be picked up in order to compete. 

Race Pack Pick Up

Friday 17th November - between 3:00pm and 8:00pm – Monteith's Brewery, Herbert St Greymouth

Your Race Pack needs to be picked up prior the event.  You cannot pick up your race pack on race day.  If this does not suit you can contact us to make special arrangement - cjmsevents@xtra.co.nz.

You are more than welcome to pick up 'bulk packs'.  Please email us with a list of all the names so we can have these all ready for you so speed things up - cjmsevents@xtra.co.nz.


Course Map

Course Map Coming Soon



  • Junior Men (13-17)
  • Open Men (18-39)
  • Veteran Men (40-49)
  • Classic Men (50-59)
  • Vintage Men (60-69)
  • Seasoned Men (70+)  

  • Cancer Survivors
  • Clydesdale 


  • Junior Women (13-17)
  • Open Women (18-39)
  • Veteran Women (40-49)
  • Classic Women (50-59)
  • Vintage Women (60-69)
  • Seasoned Women (70+)

  • Cancer Survivors
  • Clydesdale 

Teams: (of 2 or 4 people)

  • Male
  • Female
  • Mixed

Cancer survivors:

Male and Female
When entering enter the Cancer Survivor section. (No age group sections)

Clydesdale and Clydesdalesses:

One for the big guys and girls in the mountain bike section, males over 100kg and females over 75kg (without the bike) and you will be weighed after the race if required, so you have to be a solid 100kg or 75kgs. If we need to weigh you we will.
When entering just enter the Clydesdale section. (No age group sections)


E-Bikes pedal assist can be ridden in the event. This will be a non competitive category and have to be pedal assisted only. This is a rule that has to be respected, no E-Bikes with throttle assistance will be allowed to be ridden on the Trail and all E-Bikes to be under 300 watts. If this works well we may introduce this as a competitive event next year. 

When entering, enter the E-Bike section. (Non competitive)


  • Individuals (18+)

Early Bird
Late Entry

$79.00, Closes 17th September 2017
Closes 15th November 2017
$109.00, After 15th November

  • Children (13-17)

Late Entry

$35.00Closes 15th November 2017
After 15th November

  • Team of 2

Early Bird
Late Entry

$149.00Closes 17th September 2017
Closes 15th November 2017
After 15th November

  • Team of 4

Early Bird
Late Entry

$196.00Closes 17th September 2017
Closes 15th November 2017
After 15th November

  • Transport to the Start - Before the Event
    (per person & bike)


  • Transport back to the Start - After the Event
    (per person & bike)


There will be no refunds if you cannot participate in the event, but for a $20 fee you can transfer your entry to someone else or to another event.    Transfers cannot be made after the Wednesday prior to the event. To transfer race categories there is a $10 fee.

Enter Now

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Prize Giving

Regent Theatre Greymouth

The Ride: In Detail

If you're doing the whole shebang, sheesh, bloody good job, it's a great ride!

Starting at the Old New South Wales bank, you'll quickly leave Ross on your way to Hokitika.  It will be fast as you head onto the old Ross Rail route, this is straight and you can get up some great speed here.  You'll cross the Totara Bridge built in 1908 just for this race, shame it's taken 109-years to organise it for yah!

After this straight ride you do have a 2.5km of tarseal riding then into the fantastic Mahinapua Tramline. This will have you thinking you're part of nature, taking you through wetlands and boardwalks.  We were hoping by the time of the event that the route would remain off the tarseal but I'm sorry you have to go back on to it for a couple of kilometers before you go off toward the golf course.

Those riders doing the Teams of 4 will change here at the Hokitika Golf Course car park, those doing the whole event carry on.  As you get to the end of Golf Links Road instead of turning left and crossing the Hokitika River you will now cross the highway and continue down Arthurstown Road until you get to the Kaniere Bridge, turn left over the bridge then right on to Kaniere Road.  

Then the next goal is Cowboy Paradise if you're doing it as an individual or team of 2. 

This leg is an easy journey, suitable for cyclists of all ages.

The change to the changeover at the Golf Course and route down Arthurstown Road is due to safety for riders, as the Kaniere Tram section isn't complete yet and would create some issues for managing traffic. Next year this should all be completed.

Finish Cut Off

Cut off for all rides to be finished is 4:00pm.


There will be transport back to the start point for riders after prize giving and limited transport to Ross and Hokitika before the event.

Terms and Conditions

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